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I wanted to do this article because there is still a long way to go for trans people and it is something that is not usually talked about and I have chosen this name because one of the easiest things in the world like changing a name is very difficult.

Being a trans woman in 2020 is still very difficult, apart from feeling like you were born in the wrong body. Seeing how your circle of friends is reduced is so painful, and the fear of how your own family will react. 

It’s very scary to come out of the closet. You got it thanks to your friends who support you. They are  the reason why you feel strong enough to shout it to the whole world. For example when you have to go to the bathroom at school, what bathroom do you go to?

And how difficult it is for your friends to get used to changing names and pronouns. Not to mention the questions of whether you have had surgery or your old name…

If you ever have someone you know who is trans, please do not ask about their past. 

Finally, I would like  to say that there are many people who feel bad about things that they cannot choose, so before speaking, think about the other person a little bit.


Hola, me llamo Oier, tengo 15 años, estudio en samaniego y me encanta dibujar, escuchar musica y jugar videojuegos.
Kaixo, nire izena Oier da, 15 urte ditut, Samaniegon ikasten dut eta asko gustatzen zait marraztea, musika entzutea eta videojokuekin jolastea.
Hello, my name is Oier, I m 15 years old, I study in samaniego and i love draw, listen to music and play videogames.

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