Tales Of Arabian Nights

DBH 2B2 class have read the book Tales Arabian Nights.

The book is about a king (Shahriyar) who was disappointed by his wife, and therefore killed her. From then on, he decided to take revenge on every woman. Every night he married a woman and the next morning he killed her, but one day he met Sheherazade. She told him stories and that’s why he didn’t kill her, sometimes her stories were  funny or mysterious and magical. But she never told him the end of the story to end it next night and for that reason he didn’t kill her.In this book, the students read three short stories: The dream, The donkey and the Fisherman and the genie.

After reading the book, the students made a draw my life  about one of the stories told by Sheherazade.

 Here you have one of the amazing works that they did after reading the Dream story.