The Ghost Ship

By: Sehar Nazam and Mayam Saez de Camara

The book called The Ghost Ship is based on 2 classmates, Lucy Gray and Paul. This book was written by Julie Hart in 2010. Lucy has the ability to see and talk to ghosts but she didn’t know that on her trip to Greenland she would experience it for the first time ever. On the trip she meets a new girl and she is a ghost. The girl was the daughter of the viking Erik the red.

Later, strange things happen to them when they go on a school trip to Greenland. They were on a ship and after all the strange things they were a bit nervous but they didn’t share anything with their teachers. Soon, they got into a Viking ship of Erik the Red and his group of fierce vikings.  Some days later,  A ghostly Viking ship appears in a mirage and the two teenagers soon find themselves confronting the ghosts of Eric the Red and his daughter, Freydis. 

Eric the Red is the first Viking to discover Greenland, and Freydis is an Icelandic woman known as Eric the Red’s daughter.

I think it is a very interesting book, and I love the story. It has amazing pictures and its easy to read.